Google Sites lets you do more with other Google Apps

April 3, 2009

Having a Google Account makes it easy to access all your Google applications with a single login, and Google Sites can let you organize and share your information in new and more flexible ways. Google Sites makes it easy to edit and publish web pages, and you can add slide shows from Picasa, videos from YouTube, web gadgets, and Google Docs spreadsheets, documents, and presentations right from a drop down menu.

Here are a few ways that Sites can help you do more with other Google Apps:

Group information together
The nice thing about a Google Sites page is that you can pull multiple content types together in one place and organize them spatially. Embed a team calendar, a Docs spreadsheet of a budget, a YouTube video of the last team outing, and maybe a news gadget, all on one page, so it is easy to get an overview of timely or important information at a glance.

Share all in one place
Google Sites is great for bringing groups and teams together, and can applied in a range of situations, from focused projects to multipurpose company intranets. When you work in a group, sharing information with others is important, and Google Sites lets you set and change the members of your group in a single location. Instead of adding a list of recipients to each document or slideshow you’d like to share, you can just make them a member of your shared site. Individuals can even choose whether or not to receive notifications when updates to any page are made.

Organize with more flexibility
With Google Sites, you can organize content in different ways depending on your goals. For example, it can be helpful to group your Google Docs on separate pages according to themes or projects. Or maybe you would like to combine Picasa slide shows and YouTube videos into a journal of important events over time. Also, embedding a large Google Calendar or Google Docs presentation into a page are good ways to raise the visibility around dates or plans.

In these and other cases, the integration of Google Sites and other Google Apps makes both more useful than they would be on their own.

Posted by Brian Hutchins, Product Marketing Manager