Calling all teachers

May 12, 2009

Last fall we asked teachers to show us how they use Google Docs in the classrooms, and highlighted some of the most interesting and innovative ideas on our Docs for Teachers page. We know that Google Sites is also used often in classrooms for a range of activities from organizing a year-long senior project to sharing local history with people around the world. Once again, the ingenuity of educators and students is inspiring, and we enjoy seeing people learning and working together on Google Sites. We'd love to see more classroom-related projects using Sites, and we're sure other teachers would too!

If you have a project or idea you think is a good example of how Google Sites has helped in the classroom, please send it to us by June 12, 2008. We will highlight some of the best ideas on the Docs for Teachers page and the new Sites for Teachers pages, and as token of our appreciation, we'll send a t-shirt to the teachers who submit the first 20 featured projects.

Here are some examples of what we're looking for:

Group projects/project organization: collaborative history or science projects, group data collections, research projects

Online publishing: student blogging, personal journals, embedding student videos, art portfolios, embedding instructional videos, publishing charts, tables, and gadgets

Administrative tasks: class assignments and syllabus, drop-box for student assignments, tests and pop-quizzes, grading, feedback from students

We are looking forward to seeing your ideas!

Posted by Ashley Chandler and Mike Perry, User Operations for Docs and Sites