Manage your contacts, outside of Gmail

May 1, 2009

You might have noticed that Google Docs, Picasa, Google Calendar and other services remember who you've shared with to make sharing easier the next time. If you're not using Gmail and its built-in contact manager though, you haven't been able to update people's contact information when things get out-of-date. That's why we've launched a standalone contact manager, which lets you manage your contacts even if you don't use Gmail.

Just as with the Gmail contact manager, this standalone version lets you create groups, add multiple email, phone, or home addresses and even adjust chat preferences for your contacts. You can import your contacts from other sources or export the ones you have currently.

You can find the standalone contact manager here:

If you are part of a business, school or other organization using Google Apps, you'll need this longer address: (replace "" with the domain name you use). However, before accessing your contacts this way, your administrator will have to enable this functionality within the control panel by clicking on the "add more services" link, finding the "Contacts" option and clicking the "add it now" button.

We hope that you find this new tool useful. It's just one of many that we've been working on to help you access your data more easily and connect with the people that matter to you. Stay tuned for more developments on this front.

Posted by Debbie Leight, Google Apps Marketing Manager